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How much does it cost to print my book? 


Opulent Publishing connects you with the most affordable book printing company. 

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Use this calculator to calculate the cost of printing your book along with processing and shipping times.

Our printers are amongst the highest quality in the industry. We keep the cost of the book down so that you can have flexibility in naming your book price. There are no minimum orders, so whether you order 1 or 1,000 books, your price remains the same-wholesale pricing.


Time-saving options

You have options for ordering and shipping your books. We always recommend keeping a stock of books with you at all times to fulfill orders, for speaking engagements, or in-person promotions.


International shipping

If you have plans to ship books to other countries, we got you covered. The printers have offices all over the world and can ship and print at a more affordable rate than shipping it yourself domestically. 


Royalty calculator: How much will I earn from my books?

The cost of your book and royalty from it varies, depending on page numbers, color and format chosen. Please use the button below to be redirected to our printers website in order to estimate the royalty of your book. 

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Remember, this is just an estimation, the cost of your book can change after formatting and additions have been made.

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