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What’s the best way to promote and sell your self-published book? 



While sending the Amazon link of your new book to your family and friends is one way to achieve sales, we encourage our clients to think bigger! With billions of people buying products online every day, authors have a huge array of people to turn into fans and customers of their newly launched books. All you need is a creative marketing plan! At Opulent Publishing, we work with a variety of new and seasoned book authors providing and managing comprehensive digital marketing and communications campaigns for new book launches. In addition, we also offer small, budget-friendly marketing packages as well as a la carte marketing services for first-time self-published authors. 

If you are publishing your book online as an e-book, it’s important to understand that sales don’t just occur overnight. To achieve your book sales goals as a new, unknown author, it’s necessary to be proactive and strategic with the planning and launch of a savvy digital marketing campaign, backed by proven strategies and tactics. With over 1 billion people across the world on Facebook, and millions on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, we encourage new book author clients to tap into the opportunities available via social networks.

From content marketing featuring keyword-rich blog posts to email marketing, SEO, paid online ads, social media marketing and more, work with our team of digital marketing strategists at Opulent Publishing to develop and launch a customized digital marketing program for your book launch that will achieve real results. 



Depending on the type of book you are producing and publishing, we advise new authors to get custom marketing collateral, in print and/or digital format. These savvy marketing collateral products will help you achieve a successful book launch. Check out the different kinds of niche marketing collateral that we offer for authors of various genres— these real-life past client marketing product examples will help you get a better idea of what marketing services will work best for you and your upcoming book launch!


 3D Image of Your Book  



 Backdrop design 









 Flyer design 





Work with the professionals Opulent Publishing to create a visually appealing and memorable brand that appeals to your target customers emotions. From brand logos to a color palette, style guide, slogan, business cards, brand guideline, print collateral, core brand values, photo aesthetic guide, and more, Opulent Publishing has you covered! Gain access to the expertise our branding strategists have acquired over the years to identify the best fonts, styles, and colors most compatible with your brand’s core goals and principles. Our team will set you up to create a trusted brand that you and future marketers can use to grow your digital reputation into a globally recognized name.



Once you have a clearly defined, cohesive brand and digital marketing presence, then it is time to start promoting it to the public. Our firm can work with you to identify, nurture and develop interesting stories about your public writer profile and book and turn around to use our PR skills and work with our media contacts to garner you positive media placement. 

We will work with you to identify what is newsworthy and what our media contacts will likely be willing to publish/publicize. Our PR professionals work with a wide variety of media contacts to garner positive press placement. Working with the media takes time, expertise and creativity! Our team will help you come up with the right headline that the media will want to share with their readers or viewers. 

Achieving positive earned media will further increase your brand’s credibility and visibility amongst key audiences. Inevitably, it will likely increase your book sales and therefore, bottom line. It’s important to remember that people trust and buy into stories they read in the media versus ads they see online or in print magazines. At the same time, a proactive PR strategy backed by a sophisticated PR team will position you as a leader in your industry, which can then be monetized via additional book sales, paid endorsements and sponsorships from brand partnerships and more.

Are you ready to publish your book?