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Opulent Publishing can help you become a published author in just a few weeks! Opulent Publishing is a top-rated self-publishing e-book and hardback book company working with clients across the U.S. We provide the best and most affordable, self-publishing packages for independent authors and writers. We pride ourself on offering innovative, quick, reliable and savvy self-publishing systems to help new and seasoned writers publish and promote their books in one-fourth of the time that many traditional publishers require. From book cover design to eBook conversion and distribution, work with our publishing experts who have over a decade of experience in the publishing industry.

As technology steadily evolves, so has the publishing industry. Opulent Publishing offers the most sophisticated self-publishing processes because it is our number one priority to continuously offer the very best and most timely self-publishing solutions in the market. Whether you are looking to quickly and efficiently publish a book for yourself, a friend, business or a new venture, Opulent Publishing offers a wide spectrum of full-services from developing and editing your manuscript to getting your published book in front of the right audience at the right time, ultimately driving sales and visibility. Our company uses the world’s largest distribution channels and offers a combined 20 years experience in the publishing industry. This combined with the latest software systems and innovative design solutions, we’re proud to say that most competitors are unmatched when it comes to our comprehensive book publishing and marketing services.

Our Core Services: Editing, Design, Marketing

Opulent Publishing is a full-service global company providing everything you need to publish and launch a new book. From copy editing to graphic design, website development, digital marketing strategy, developing innovative landing web pages and more. Over the years, we have developed an easy-to-use publishing and marketing process that will make every step along the publishing process simple and efficient. 

With integrity, transparency, and innovation at the core of our business values, your book copyright and royalties always remain with you, the author. Through our comprehensive pre-paid self-publishing services, we bridge the gap between writers and professional authorship. This pre-paid service platform provides new authors with the right information, tools, and systems for an affordable price. By working with our cost-effective company to self-publish your book, you can save yourself dozens of hours trying to navigate the complicated publishing industry.

Providing An Opulent Experience For All

We offer five self-publishing packages that offer a wide variety depending on your personal book publishing needs and budget. In addition, we offer a la carte services if required— our one-stop-shop innovative book publishing company can develop and deploy customized services and packages on request. It is our number one goal to create the most competitive book publishing process from beginning to end. By saving you time and money while providing you with the knowledge to successfully publish and promote your book, we create an opulent experience. 

Our Parent Company, Independent Publishing Co.

Though Opulent Publishing is a new company, our executives bring a plethora of book publishing experience. We are the parent company of Opportune Independent Publishing Co., who has been successfully publishing hundreds of books for clients for several years. No matter your needs or budget, we work with all kinds of authors to help them achieve their book authorship goals!

Why Choose Opulent Publishing?

  1. Affordable Book Construction Services 
  2. Post-Publishing Packages 
  3. Professional Design Services 
  4. Attractive Professional Illustrations 
  5. Retain Full Rights To Your Book
  6. Custom Book Design
  7. Timely Publishing
  8. Multiple Format Options
  9. Worldwide Distribution, Printers, and Shipping
  10. No Royalties Withheld 
  11. Affordable Book Printing
  12. No minimum Print Orders 
  13. Non-Genre Specific Publishing


About CEO

Shanley D. McCray is the owner and CEO of Opulent Publishing and Opportune Independent Publishing Co. Based in Austin, Texas, with a business presence in the heart of Houston, she has built a successful line of publishing companies over the past several years. After finishing her undergraduate studies at Bethune-Cookman University and Florida A&M University, she went on to become a published author, which has enabled her to understand the needs of every new and seasoned author her companies work with. During the course of her collegiate career, she wrote for various on-campus and local-Tallahassee publications including magazines and newspapers. She later went on to produce an award-winning portfolio for her writing style that featured Associated Press style writing and savvy public relations campaigns.sssSince graduating with a bachelor’s degree in public relations and a master’s degree in business administration (MBA), she has continued to grow and unite her passion for business and communications with her various companies. Shanley has experience working as a public relations practitioner, business English instructor, content and SEO manager, IT specialist, communications and research consultant, as well as being a published author. With a strong belief in technology and entrepreneurship, Shanley is constantly learning and growing her skills to better improve her businesses competitive advantages.

Opulent Publishing and Opportune Publishing Co. were brought to the market in an effort to provide non-traditional writers a way to become published authors without the hassle or connections to have an agent. Both companies work with an array of clients across the world. Depending on the client’s goals and needs, both companies provide savvy digital marketing systems, public relations, copy editing and formatting, publishing, content writing, ghostwriting and more. Both companies are dedicated to providing the very best services necessary to create and publish high-quality professional books no matter the genre. 

As a seasoned author, Shanley has two published two books and most recently, she produced a guide for new authors called the Book Writing Guide & Planner: How to Write Your First Book. This affordable guide offers insider tips, tricks, and processes for preparing and publishing a book. She hopes to continue to assist with more non-traditional and first-time authors, ultimately helping them achieve their book goals that may otherwise not be feasible.

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